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I'm an artist based in East London.

After receiving my diploma in illustration in 2012, I worked in an art gallery as the graphist and sales assistant until the end of 2013. A year later I enrolled myself in an art psychotherapy course and obtained an advanced diploma in 2015. I also volunteered and worked in mental health in recent years and I am now focusing back onto my own art practice. 

I am particularly interested in the healing of traumas through the practice of art. Hence, I use art as a way to better communicate my ineffable inner world, as well as getting the opportunity to see it in a new way.

Photo by Ambre Ancard


Although I enjoy exploring the various art forms out there (photography, pen and ink, comics, calligraphy, painting, etc.), I have recurrent themes that I like to work with.




I have a fascination for our human anatomy and old drawings of our body parts. I like how deep within us, we have bones and tissues that makes us no different from the rest of our world. I appreciate how they remind us of our impermanence. Their sight is a way to defy death, to look right into death and not feel fear.




I draw partial body parts as a way of working through my past traumas. The desecrated bodies directly reflects personal feelings and is an attempt to understand how to live with a body that I feel belong to others. 




I am naturally attracted by certain aspects of nature for the symbolism we have added to them. I like to work with poppies and moths to represent fragility and death; fungi and severed animal heads for the growth that follows decay; or even hands and foetuses to reflect on past childhood we cannot keep hold of. 




This theme is important to me as it described toxic relationship and how they have affected or still affects me.




I like to incorporate geometric shapes such as triangles and circles. They are there to balance certain compositions, enhance a particular detail of a piece and mirrors my analytical side.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


I also regularly practice calligraphy and penmanship. It takes a long time and many mistakes to reach a finished work but it is so satisfying in the end.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a project you think I could help you with. 

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