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Some of the content I create is exclusive to my Patreon supporters. The space below links to ​a page that is password protected so that my Patreon followers can access exclusive videos and animation I create. 

Some people choose to show me support financially so I can engage in what I love doing, coming up with art projects and trying to make them happen (that is where the struggle lies!). In exchange, I share my process from idea to creating. 

Patreon has its limits, for instance, we cannot upload videos or gif directly on their website. Instead, I have decided to upload those videos on my website and link it to the Patreon website. I want to make sure the content is exclusive to those who support me so that page is only accessible with a password (which my Patreon followers have).

So if you are not a Patreon follower yet, you can head to my Patreon page here and see if you want to access all the goodness! 

If you are one of my Patreon followers, you will know the password in the post that has a link to a video you want to see. Then can click on the image below or here to get to the page, enter the password and see more of my work!

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